BJP govt has denied political space, hell bent upon destroying Muslim identity of IIOJK

The Indian Hindutva government, led by Narendra Modi, is denying space to political leaders, civil society and activists by repeatedly harassing and arresting them on fake charges under black laws.

The political experts and analysts in their interview and statements in Srinagar said Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government is furthering the Hindutva agenda of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to turn the Muslim majority into a minority in the territory.

They said the Indian authorities have formulated a cruel policy of snatching properties, lands and suspending the Kashmiri government employees and so far dozens of employees have been sacked. India has started the process of deploying non-Kashmiris in all the institutions of occupied Kashmir in a planned manner so that the control of Kashmiris over these institutions could be ended, they added.

Indian troops and police personnel, they said, during their continued cordon and search operations are harassing, terrorizing, summoning and arresting youth in different areas of IIOJK. They maintained that 70 civilians including Hurriyat activists were arrested in the last month of March in the occupied territory.

The political experts and analysts pointed out that the Indian authorities were implicating Hurriyat leaders, media persons, human rights defenders and even ordinary Kashmiris in fake cases to suppress the ongoing right to self-determination demand.

They were of the opinion that India was using its notorious probe agencies like National Investigation Agency (NIA) and State Investigation Agency and its Units mostly headed by non-Kashmiri Hindutva mindset as a weapon to intimidate the Kashmiris into submission. Illegally detained Kashmiris lodged in small cells in Indian jails and IIOJK are denied basic facilities including legal facilities, medical treatment and hygienic food, they lamented.

They said mass arrests, raids and search operations in occupied Kashmir are manifest of Modi regime’s frustration to subdue the Kashmiris. They said the Kashmiri people are ready to render every kind of sacrifice in their struggle for securing their right to self-determination and urged the international human rights organizations to take notice of unlawful detentions in IIOJK and hold India accountable for brazenly violating the prisoners’ rights.


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